Uma Nota Recoeds

What is Uma Nota?

It is a promotional tool for unsigned artists.
We don't assume any ownership to artist's material.

You simply grant us a license to promote
your music and sell your CDs on your behalf.

We only deduct credit card fees, shipping costs
and a dollar commission for any physical disc
you sell through the website.

We do not collect commission for iTunes or
CD sales NOT conducted through the Uma Nota website.

Uma Nota is non-exclusive, meaning you can use any other
service to promote your work.

We help you place your music with iTunes,
create promotional material without cost.<

We just want to help people find your music.

Uma Nota utilizes CDbaby.com and TuneCore 
to add albums to online music stores like Amazon and iTunes, etc.

Artists are responsible for any fees associated with the services.
Uma Nota collects no comission for content sold through these services.

What does Uma Nota do?

We offer assistance placing your music on Tunecore,
including format conversion, graphics and uploading.
We also will help create or adopt your graphics for duplication.
Uma Nota will assist with press packs and show promotions.
If you have CDs we will sell your disc online and handle shipping
and processing for you. We collect a $1.00 comission for each
disc sold. We also offer low cost mixing, mastering services,
and web site construction.

paypalUma Nota uses Paypal for CDs sold through our site.

Contact us if you are interested in joining Uma Nota.