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Tired of souless packaged music? Music should be about more than what you look like.
It is a means of personal expression.
Not all music will appeal to everyone, why should it?
If you are looking for something with a little more personality,
you came to the right place.

Anthology 1982-2012

New Release

ANTHOLOGY 1982-2012 by Scooter & the Worms
Release Date, May 2016.

Collection spanning the history of the life of the band. Punk Pop from a great underated group.
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Recent Release

AUTUMN by My Sweet Robot
Release Date, December 2015.

Mellow, minimal and totally analog.
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Run With Me Girl

Recent Release

RUN WITH ME GIRL by Mike Mitch
Release Date, August 2015.

The final recording by Mike, relased posthumously.
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